Turmeric LONG 


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Turmeric is a powerful spice with an impressive list of uses and benefits. It's know for its antioxidant content and ability to work as an ...


Recipe: Creamy Broccoli Soup (Dairy Free)

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When the weather cools down, often the health consciousness of what we eat falters. But staying warm with food doesn't have to be fried chicken ...


The Natural Answer to Deodorant

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Each day, as we get ready to head out of the house, we all put on our favourite deodorant and fragrances and cosmetics. Most are ...


Guest Blog: Colon Hydrotherapy and Its Benefits

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Occasionally we have health experts guest post on Wellness Tree about their specialist area. This time we're lucky to have Nicki from Apana, Health and ...


How to do Oil Pulling

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Oil pulling is a traditional medicine native to the Indian Subcontinent and has since been adopted by people in the West for its  health benefits. ...

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Guest Post: Raw Life about Juicing

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The lovely crew at Raw Life share with us why juicing should be part of your everyday  . . . JUICING….. ARE YOU DOING IT? Juicing is ...