Everyone has a dream . . . What’s yours?

Is it the good ol’ Great Australian Dream; big house with a yard and a pool, modern appliances, a big car and exotic holidays. Are any of these on your dream list? How many are on your list? Everyone’s list is different, whether you’re a busy mum, overworked dad or a single shopper.

What are you Needs, what are your Wants? Memories? Love? Family Time? The MOST precious thing we all want is time. It seems everyone is busy and short of time, but when is our time going to stop? No one knows when their clock runs out.

The dream keeps getting bigger, and the house keeps getting larger, and so does the stress that comes with that. It’s crazy to know that 90% of Australians are stressed! Overworked and always busy, trying to make and do more and then more, Go, Go and Go more! A documentary recently aired on Channel 7 about the Aussie Dream, and our wants and needs. Please step aside, take 40mins of your time out and WATCH THIS VIDEO – there is a chance that it will change your life.

Its never too late…

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