I am often asked what are my recommendations for the best toxic-free cosmetics. Although I did do a post a while back with my 5 favourite natural body products, the famous TV presenter, editor, journalist and author of ‘I Quit Sugar” book  Sarah Wilson recently shared with us the best toxic-free cosmetics list that is not only her favourites but also the recommendations from the many professionals she know through her media life.

The recommendations are great and I either use them myself or agree with the suggestions, in particular Sarah’s personal favourite.

I truely believe that ‘less is best’ with what we put on our bodies and especially our faces. Too often we use more cosmetics than we need.  A good first step is to look through what products you use now and check do you really need to use it.

Its always important to read the ingredients in all products before you use it. Stay away from Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and more.

My top that I love using at the moment are;

Shampoo/Conditioner – Alchemy 

Moisturiser Face and Body – I use organic cold press coconut oil ( I am yet to find one that is better)

Deodorant – Axilla Black Chicken Paste is the best Deodorant I have found, highly suggest!

Makeup – Mascara I use either Ere Perez Almond-Oil Mascara or  Zuii Mascara  I dont use much else except for the occasional event I use Inika for a bronze and eye shadow.

Sunscreen – Soleo especially if Im in the water for a long time

For more options and information check out this post from Sarah Wilson, its a great one 🙂


Sarah Wilson also lists her steps on how to choose the best toxic-free cosmetics for yourself in this post, check it out. A great post with loads of info on making the first steps to making a change, improving your awareness and looking after the only body you get.


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