Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

In 2010, at the age of 29, I was diagnosed with an: ‘incurable, malignant brain tumour’.

Doctors advised me to have surgery, which went ahead only days after diagnoses. Because the tumour was in a sensitive part of my brain, they were only able to remove a small amount. The biopsy from surgery also showed that is was thankfully slow growing (Grade 2). This gave me a chance to sit back and think about my options moving forward.

After surgery I asked the oncologists if there was anything I could do to improve my lifespan. Their answer was disheartening. Firstly, they said that “there is nothing that can currently be done that will cure this disease, and at some point it will take your life”. Secondly, I was told that because I was young and ‘healthy’ already: “any change in diet or lifestyle will not make a difference”. This was hard to accept. Surely diet and exercise could make a difference. So I threw myself into research, reading and speaking to anyone about brain cancer and alternative paths to healing.

My research led me to understand that changes in lifestyle and diet can make a difference: a huge difference. So, instead of travelling along the same path as before, I decided to leave my corporate job and study cancer, health and alternative therapies. I completed a course at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, which qualified me to become a Health and Wellness Coach. It is an approach that not only uses diet change as a healing tool, but every aspect of your life, from meditation and exercise, to a balance between work and play. It does not shun the medical profession, but rather it helps enhance any efforts that may be prescribed from doctors. Since my diagnosis new evidence has emerged that a combination of chemo and radiotherapy would double the life expectancy of someone with my tumour. Taking that into account I underwent further surgery and treatment, combining a conventional approach with what I learned. Scans now show almost no tumour in my brain and I am living a healthy, balanced lifestyle with 2 kids, a wonderful husband and a growing health clinic. I am living proof that looking at all aspects of your life and making positive changes can have a dramatic impact on your health and happiness. Science has done wonders for my healing, as has a positive outlook and proactive approach to lasting change. You don’t have to be a chronic disease sufferer, simply someone looking to find a better balance.

Wellness begins in your mind. You are in charge of your health and wellness. Nobody else. The relationship of wellness and your body is your own and one you can learn to love and embrace.

On this website you will find tips and recipes toward a better way of living. Should you wish to receive more tailored help to your situation, please feel free to contact me at for your free first consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you.