Recipe: Apricot and Coconut Bliss Balls

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Simple easy-to-make bliss balls, perfect for a snack and also great nutrition for the kids (and adults!) I highly suggest using Organic Australian Apricots - Sulphur ...


Recipe: Sugar-Free Chocolate

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Chocolate is a favourite for so many. It's our friend at events, the exciting times and the sad times. But now that we know about the negatives ...

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Recipe: Banana Bread

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With a very wintery weekend down here this weekend, comes more time inside to bake. My weekend was also filled with the fire going, hot ...


Recipe – Healthy Gluten and Sugar Free Birthday Cake

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Birthday parties are exciting celebratory events that are always welcomed by a Birthday Cake! They are almost always full of sugar, which in turn then ...


Recipe: Beetroot Crisps

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The introduction to veggie chips to my life a few years ago brought a hug smile to my face and continues to each time I ...


Recipe: Sugar-Free Chocolate Tart

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Here is an easy recipe for a Sugar-Free Chocolate Tart. This week was my husbands birthday and when I asked him what cake he would like ...